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Philippine Gaming Management CorporationCorporate Social Responsibility


Aimed to spread awareness on health and wellness, Philippine Gaming Management Corporation (PGMC) invited MEDICard, the company’s health care provider, to conduct a lecture on health information, general causes and prevention on the topic illness – cancer.

In attendance are the officers and staff of PGMC led by its Vice Chairman, Tan Eng Hwa. Doing the lecture about cancer is Dr. Dennis Macalinao, MD. It was mentioned that cancer is one of the leading causes of mortality in the world today. In the Philippines, cancer is the fourth leading cause of death among Filipinos. It is developed when the body cells grow into cancer, making it difficult for the immune system to eliminate. The risk of developing cancer is due to what we eat, how much we exercise, and how well we deal with stress. The lecture specifically expounded about breast, prostate and colon cancer, their risk factors, how to lower the risk and the latest modalities of treatment.

Dr. Macalinao explained that cancer is preventable and taught the staff of the various screening and assessments on how to detect the disease. With simple lifestyle changes, keeping track of what we eat or drink, continuing healthy habits and setting up a good mental attitude are just simple ways to keep a healthy lifestyle.

In a short message to the staff, Mr. Tan Eng Hwa stressed the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle by dedicating to have good eating habits and the importance of exercise. He further said that PGMC is a company where the staff not only work but is a partner in having a balanced work-life that is why lectures such as this are being conducted including provisions for the staff to have sports and leisure activities.

10 Students awarded PGMC Scholarship

Philippine Gaming Management Corporation (PGMC), has chosen 10 students of MFI Polytechnic Institute, Inc., to become recipients of scholarship award for two years of Industrial Technician Program (ITP).

MFI is an educational institution that will mould the students to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and values for them to gain certification in Technical Education and Skills Development Authority’s (TESDA) Electronic Products Assembly and Servicing.

PGMC is and always will be an advocate of uplifting lives through good education. We continuously commit in helping people who are less in life but great in talent, and through our company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) endeavors like this scholarship we hope these students make the most of this opportunity to excel,” said Tan Eng Hwa.

The scholars are: Francis Vincent Birung, Ana Marie Dapo, Yevgeny Espeña, Neriel Madriaga, Alexis Mojica, Fernan Navarette, Franz Joseph Pavo, Juan Carlo Robles, John Patrick Sta. Ana, and Coleen Joyce Yutan. They belong to 40 shortlisted applicants who went through MFI’s screening process and interviews conducted by a panel from PGMC.

For his part, Alexis Mojica said, “Being chosen as one of the scholars is truly a big help for me as well as my family. It was truly overwhelming and I am very thankful that you have chosen me. I will do my best to be a deserving scholar of PGMC.”


For many older people, life can be a struggle. These struggles can be quite harsh when combined with poverty and lack of support from the government.

Philippine Gaming Management Corporation (PGMC) is aware of that and consequently along these lines the PGMC team headed by its Vice Chairman, Tan Eng Hwa, visited the San Lorenzo Ruiz Home for the Elderly in Pasay City, one of the cities in Metro Manila. The visit which is anchored on helping the less fortunate and ensures that they are not left behind was highlighted by the cash donation amounting to Fifty Thousand Pesos (PHP 50,000.00) for the rehabilitation of the water tank heater of the Home.

The San Lorenzo Ruiz Home for the Elderly is being run by the Little Sisters of the Poor, an international religious congregation with the mission of caring for the elderly poor in the spirit of humble service. The Home welcomes men and women 65 years and above, who are financially unable to support themselves taking into consideration that their spiritual, physical, medical and social needs are taken care of. The Little Sister of the Poor relies mostly from donations to provide better care to the resident elders.

“While we continue to drive business growth, it is equally important that we continue to pay such visits to the people with special needs and to those members of society who need our care”, Tan Eng Hwa said.

PGMC leases its machines and software for the lottery project of Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) in Luzon islands.

To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors and, indeed, PGMC cares for the senior members of the society.

A Better Interactive Learning Experience for Makati High School students

Just in time with the opening of classes for school year 2017–2018, Philippine Gaming Management Corporation (PGMC) donated an LCD projector to Makati High School (MHS), a public secondary school located in PGMC’s host city, Makati City.

PGMC Vice Chairman Mr. Tan Eng Hwa led the hand-over of the LCD projector to MHS Principal, Ms. Evangelina Apolinario.  Also present during the event was PGMC’s Senior AVP for IT Operations, Mr. Tito Villalino III, Human Resources Director Leo Laca, and Accounting Department Head Ameriza Bautista.

LCD projectors offer ways of reaching students in different ways. They allow the teacher to interact with students better, to use a multimodal form of teaching and to provide more entertaining ways to teach and get their lesson objectives and facts across.

Mr. Tan said the donation is part of PGMC’s Corporate Social Responsibility program for education.  “The donation aims to make students in public schools be abreast with the latest technology in learning so that they become more competitive”, he said.  On its part, the MHS Principal and other faculty members expressed their appreciation for the donation saying that their students would benefit so much in the modern teaching tool they have received from PGMC.

Bringing Joy to Grade School Students of Joaquin Guido Elementary School

A total of 659 students of Joaquin Guido Elementary School in Angono, Rizal were cheered by Philippine Gaming Management Corporation (PGMC) on 29 June 2016, headed by its Vice Chairman, Mr. Tan Eng Hwa.

For families living in poverty, basic needs like food and shelter comes first than school supplies. It is for this reason that among the many Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) endeavors of PGMC it has chosen to donate school supplies to these students belonging to the list of families under the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4 P’s). It is a conditional cash transfer program of the Philippine government which aims to eradicate extreme poverty by investing in health and education.

“PGMC is happy to come to your school today in donating these school supplies which we hope will help you in your studies” said Mr. Tan during the program. The students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 received sets of notebooks, pad papers, pencils, ball pens, crayons and rulers to aid them in their studies.

The donation is very timely as it coincided with the start of classes in public schools in the Philippines. In gratitude, the school’s Principal Ms. Reyna Nasol, presented to Mr. Tan a certificate of recognition to PGMC for its invaluable contribution for the welfare of their students.